Hi Muma’s and Papa’s – we see 👀 you and we’re so glad you’re here.

With 6 young children between us, and 3 very different feeding journeys, we know first-hand how overwhelming choosing a baby formula can be.

mumamoo’s core brand values are based on our experience as Mums, who for different reasons, needed to introduce formula into the feeding habits of our children. We have walked in the shoes of new parents, we have had the sleepless nights, we know the confusion of standing in supermarket aisles.

mumamoo is making available everything we wished we had access to for our own babies. A product that is Australian made and owned. A product derived from an ethical source, that is nutritionally complete. Our formula has been scientifically formulated and contains the latest premium ingredients (without the hefty price tag). We understand the choices facing new parents and the many WHYS that have led you here. Our aim is to support as many Mums, Dads and caregivers as we can.

We feel it’s important to share how we got here and our own feeding journeys. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the “F”word.

Belinda's Feeding Journey

A heart kid, low supply and milk delivery between hospitals. Strap yourselves in for the wild ride that was my pregnancy. I attended the 20-week scan with the same trepidations as most first-time mums – heightened nerves and excitement to see the new images of my growing bub.

Charlotte's Feeding Journey
My feeding journey was a straightforward and overwhelmingly positive experience... UNTIL maternity leave ended.  I was fortunate enough to have my mother, who was a midwife of 30 years, by my side throughout my pregnancies and for both of my...
Kristina's Feeding Journey
Everything comes in 3’s! I was absolutely blessed to have 3 healthy babies at Adelaide’s Ashford Hospital. With the wonderful support of midwives and staff I felt I had the ‘gist’ of breastfeeding 4 days after my discharge with each...
Miriam's Feeding Journey
I knew I had wanted to breastfeed if I could - but much like my birthing plan, I had gone headfirst into motherhood with a ‘no plan’ plan, believing I simply had a relaxed attitude instead of an overwhelmingly underprepared...