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A word about breastfeeding for mums, dads and caregivers

When it comes to babies, breastfeeding is best and provides the optimal balance of nutrition that Mother Nature intended for your little one. Breastmilk is amazing. Women are amazing.

It’s important to have a healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, and this will benefit your milk production. 

As mums, at mumamoo we also understand that breastfeeding isn’t always possible, and many mums (just like us!) and caregivers may need an alternative, or supplementary form of nourishment for their precious bub. 

If you make the tough decision not to breastfeed, or wish to introduce bottle feeding exclusively, or as a supplementary form of nourishment, we recommend you seek advice from your midwife or health care professional for individual advice for your baby.

Introducing bottle feeding can impact your supply of breast milk, and once reduced it can be difficult to re-establish. Please also keep in mind the lifestyle and financial changes that may come hand-in-hand with switching to formula. 

Should you decide to use a breast milk alternative, then please take care to prepare and use the formula as directed. Unnecessary or improper use may make your baby unwell. Please remember babies have delicate little tummies, so formula should be introduced gradually, where possible. We encourage you to thoroughly research your options before making the decision to replace breastmilk with formula. 

At mumamoo, our purpose is to provide an alternative form of nourishment for babies and toddlers. But more than just that, we understand the anxiety for parents and caregivers around feeding and we know you’re doing your best!

If you would like to access anymore support or information around breastfeeding, please contact your local GP, Lactation consultant or head to – The Australian Breastfeeding Association you can also call their helpline 24/7 - 1800 686 268

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